P.O.Box 759, 500 W. Hart Street, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834

Buffalo Golf Club

(307) 684-5266

Hole #1 - A tough place to start without a bag of balls!  This one is up-hill the entire way and demands a solid poke up the middle to avoid the water streaking across the fairway.  A long straight drive will set you up for a chance at a birdie!

Hole #2 - Straight forward par 3.  The green will reward you with a putt if you hit the middle.  Hit the side and watch it slide!

Hole #3  A true risk reward!  A putt for Eagle is possible for long hitters.  Play the hole safe off the tee for a solid chance at Birdie.  The trees on the left and OB on the right can help produce a double.

Hole #4 - Buffalo's signature par 3.  A short hole that drops down into a canyon.  Wind can sometimes be a factor.  Occasionally a shot sprayed right that isn't lost will bounce down the hill for the lucky birdie!

Hole #5 - A long dogleg right.  The best drive is over the hill, if you can see your ball from the tee it just might be too long and under the trees.  Lost balls on the hill can add up.

Hole #6 - Nothing scary about this one.......except the large cottonwood tree on the left and the two tiered green.  Do yourself a favor and hit the correct tier.

Hole #7 - A long drive down the middle can set the golfer up for Eagle.  The fairway is protected with 2 fairway bunkers and there is a pesky little ditch near the green.

Hole #8 - The hole is not long, it is not narrow, and the plush green fairway is inviting.  The green however can deceive!

Hole #9 - A great drive makes this hole vulnerable.  There is water that will test your drive.  Trying to play through the trees on either side can create some very large scores.

Hole #10 - This hole is fun until you play beach volleyball with the traps and have to putt.

Hole #11 - The hole is straight, but the green has some wicked undulations.

Hole #12 - Hey long ball hitters, you can putt for Eagle here.  OB on the right.  Play it safe and putt for Birdie.

Hole #13 - Accuracy is key off the tee.  This narrow fairway can be difficult to hit.  OB on the right and behind the green.

Hole #14 - Dogleg right.  Push your luck right to have a chance for Eagle.  If you do end up in the gulley, you will likely find three balls that aren't yours.

Hole #15 - A long par 3 with a skinny green.  This one is pretty tough.

Hole #16 - OB on the right.  Trees on the left.  Plush green grass right down the middle.

Hole #17 - This hole produced the largest margin over par in the 2012 Wyoming State Amateur Tournament.  That was prior to the lake expansion near the green completed in the fall of 2016!

Hole #18 - Eagles flying around here, provided you hit your tee shot straight.  You know by now what happens if you don't.

Hole #19 - Join the Clubhouse Grille after your round for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

We have fresh baked breads.  Opening March 1st for Breakfast and Lunch.  April 1st marks the start of dinner menu!  Come Join us!