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Buffalo Golf Course Foundation, Inc.


The Buffalo Golf Course Foundation, Inc. (BGCF) was formed as a Wyoming non-profit corporation in 2001, and received its tax-free status from the IRS in late 2010. The BGCF was created to facilitate charitable giving to the foundation. Donations to the BGCF are used to grow the game of golf locally through education and programs to the public, including children; to provide equipment to those financially less fortunate; to encourage golf programs in schools; to encourage after-school and summer golf programs for youth; and to improve and beautify the City of Buffalo Municipal Golf Course, all while keeping green fees and memberships affordable for everyone. But since this is a public golf course, it is operated on a tight and limited budget. In order to accomplish its goals, the BGCF needs your help.


Mission Statement: Golf is the greatest game in the world. The value and principles learned in golf may often times be used in life. In what other game can you call a penalty on yourself?!? The mission and purpose of this non-profit corporation are to encourage charitable giving through donations to this foundation to further the sport of golf in Johnson County, Wyoming, through education and programs in school; to encourage after-school and summer golf programs for youth; to improve and beautify the municipal golf course known as “The City of Buffalo Municipal Golf Course” in Buffalo, Johnson County, Wyoming, while keeping green fees and memberships affordable.


How Can You Help: Donors may direct their cash donations to either of the following accounts.


Endowment Account is BCGF’s long-term investment program. The purpose of this account is to grow the principle of the account. Income from this account underwrites future BGCF projects. The target principle for the endowment account is $1,000,000.


Special Projects Account is an account where you can donate to a specific project or program. This is our most popular donation vehicle! Our current focus is on building a new clubhouse, as our current building is at the end of its useful life. Nearing a century old, the existing clubhouse is in disrepair, and structural engineering reports prove that renovating the current structure would be fiscally irresponsible. It’s time to build a new clubhouse that will serve our golf course and community for the next 100 years. Click below to donate and for more information.

Besides cash, other ways of giving may include securities, land, mineral rights, golf equipment, and so forth. A gift can be either immediate or deferred. An immediate gift can be put to good use immediately. A deferred gift may be by bequest made in a will, trust or other estate planning tools. Donors are encouraged to see their estate planning professional on how to best accomplish their philanthropic intentions.


Fund Management: Donations to the BGCF are invested and professionally managed by qualified banks and brokerage firms. The BGCF directors will only deposit funds with banks insured by the FDIC, and will only invest funds with brokerages insured by the SIPC.


Tax Benefits for Donors: The BGCF is a registered and approved charitable organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors may receive a tax deduction for their donations to the BGCF and should consult their tax advisor to ascertain the possible tax benefits that may be achieved through gifts to the BGCF.

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